At the first

At the first, I had no idea what Interprofessional Health Education is, then I started to analyze every word, and it made sense. My current understanding of Interprofessional Health Education is that students from two or more professions learn with each other. The purpose of this is to prepare health professional students with the knowledge, skills and qualities that are necessary for their chosen health care profession. Through the experience of learning with those in other professions, students also develop qualities such as leadership and respect, which prepares them for work on different people and different settings where collaboration is a key to success. This success is measured by improved quality of care as well as better health outcomes. As I said, collaboration is the keystone of success in any team. For me, interprofessional collaboration is maintaining and developing good and effective interprofessional working relationships with patients, families, practitioners, and communities to achieve the best possible health outcomes. Interprofessional collaboration includes respect, trust, teamwork, shared decision making, and partnership, which are important qualities that each and everyone should possess. By trusting, respecting one another and working together for a similar goal, interprofessional collaboration can easily be achieved. Communication is also another one of the most important elements of collaboration. Sharing and communicating information with everyone in the team can help the team to come up with the best and most suitable plan that actually works for a particular patient.