The concept of glocalization:
The concept of glocalization is based on cultural aspect of globalization. Globalization has a cultural dimension which represents a belief system of a society of particular country. Steger described that culture is a symbolic construction, authenticity as well as articulation which is expressed through language, music, movies, art etc. (Pg.80). With globalization, culture is becoming Americanised which means western culture is dominating another culture. As a result, cultures are more homogenized and spreading of these homogenized cultures worldwide is also known as glocalization. Moreover, Hebron and Stack explained in Debunking the Myth reading that globalization is more visible now a days for exporting culture through movies, music etc. Sounds and pictures are designed according to the format so that people can understand or knowledge can communicate to the public in the world. (pg.103). They also draw attention that these processes resulting as a homogenizing the globe’s diverse culture. (pg.106). Hebron and Stack mentioned the term” World English “which means English is becoming a global tongue. People are modifying “localizing” English with their mother tongue as well as with the culture of their countries. (Hebron ; Stack, Pg.108). Further, world is also becoming a global entertainment as people from different places can watch same movies at same time.

Description of cultural product: cultural product is a Punjabi song and Punjabi songs usually represent Punjabi (Indian) culture. The name of this song is 100 percent. It is a song composed with Punjabi lyrics as well as English rap. The main artists of this song are Garry Sandhu, Wamiqa Gabbi, Roach Killa and Tory Lanez. The music is given by Dr Zeus and mastered by Naweed at Whitfield Mastering, London. The destination used for video shooting is Toronto, Canada
Dynamics of Glocalization:
The cultural product “Punjabi song” is representing different dynamics of glocalization. This song is a blend of western and Punjabi culture. In this song, the singer (Garry Sandhu) is from India (Punjab) whereas the rapper (Tory Lanez) is from Brampton, Canada. The lyrics of this song are in Punjabi whereas rap is in English which shows the concept of homogenization, the mixture of local and western culture. For broad understanding “World English” term (the mix of English and local language) can be used to understand this concept. Moreover, targeted audience is mostly in Punjab and video is produced in Toronto at major attraction like CNtower. It shows how people from the world are interconnected with each other. Overall, it is a Punjabi song but the artists are from different cultures and countries, the music or beats are western which is describing the term “global entertainment”. The whole video is showing western culture like clothing, ornaments and lifestyle. People from worldwide can understand it through sounds and pictures. People from different places can also download, listen and watch it at same time through technology. Lastly, cultures are loosing authenticity and fully influenced or dominated from another cultures that is known as Americanization.

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