37. Independent Judiciary. If we are sincere in our endeavour to eradicate all the social ills of the society, the evils of power politics and desire to prosper we will have to reform our judicial system. Following measures are suggested: –
a. The constitutional guarantee for Judiciary be ensured for its independence so that it functions without being subject to any influences.
b. Judicial Reforms be introduced to change the present cumbersome judicial system.
38. Combating Corruption. The eradication of corruption is imperative to ensure significant increase in honesty, efficiency and fairness of government. All governments have placed it on high priority; however, the last five elected governments were dismissed with corruption as one of the main charges against them. Some areas of emphasis are suggested below: –
a. Establish mechanism for accountability and transparency in the democratic process.
b. Administrative laws should cater for accountability of decision-making.
c. Effective system for regular audit and removal of public grievances.
d. Independence of the judiciary to ensure effective deterrence to corruption.
e. Independent and alert press, free to play on behalf of public which must enhance the public awareness of rights and responsibilities.
f. Anti-corruption agencies, to enjoy requisite freedom to ensure truly transparent accountability.
g. Last but most significant is the award of exemplary punishments/penalties to the corrupt irrespective of their status.
40. Battling Religious Extremism. Extremism is acting as kernel enabler of terrorism, which is severest threat to the internal security of Pakistan.. Certain measures to combat extremism are as under:-
a. Madrassa Reforms. Following are proposed:-
(1) Registration of all madrassas and their students’detailswith the Ministry of Education.
(2) Review of madrassa curriculum by the Ministry of Religious Affairs.
(3) Prohibition on foreign funding without knowledge of concerned Ministries.
(4) Regular auditing of their funds through Auditor Generalof Pakistan.
(5) Madrassas not imparting general education to be gradually banned.
b. Scheme to Control Sectarian Threats. Any immediate and abrupt action to control sectarianism/ Jihadi culture can backlash and situation may get out of control. A preferable scheme would be to maintain a strict check on their illegitimate activities and differentiate between organizations/ people exploiting sectarian sentiments. In order to control the sectarian/jihadi monster, following three steps/ stages are suggested:-
(1) Initially, efforts be made to halt their negative designs and then turnaround the growing trend of religious intolerance.
(2) Secondly, imposition of the rule of lawbe ensured.
(3) Thirdly, gains of above steps be capitalized by introducing incentives and introducing outlets through economic prosperity.

(4) These stages is also activated at the same time by setting short and long-run goals. The success of scheme extremely depends on however it’s followed up in direct regard to “state capability and economic development
41. Reduction in Ethnic Tension. Provinces in Pakistan square measure social in nature having a tug-of-war like scenario among completely different ethnic groups among tiny regions. Therefore, attainable answer is also to extend the amount of provinces with new provincial boundaries. Probably, it’s seemingly to get rid of dominance of anyone specific cluster. Moreover, national policy of “one country, one language and one culture” may go for national integration and unity.
42. Pakistan’s salvation lies in its ability to measure up to its aspirations and national purpose. Within the prevailing setting, Islamic Republic of Pakistan desires additional unity and national amalgamation than ever before. Accumulative affects of prolonged political instability, ethnic/sectarian divide, mismanaged economy, deep frozen corruption and lack of fine governance have created our internal dynamics extraordinarily vulnerable. Sincere and sustained efforts at the national level area unit needed to renew our inherent strengths, acceptable politico-social reforms, revival of economy and anti corruption drive will facilitate in harnessing our internal dynamics and strengthen our national security.?

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