2.1 Traits Approaches
Datuk Kamarudin imply empathy in the operation of his business. According to Destination Thailand News (2015), Datuk Kamarudin involved in “To Nepal with Love” Campaign which was to aid the earthquake victims in Nepal. He state that a role is needed to help and cares for those victims that had lost their home and relatives in that moment. He also proclaim that AirAsia have the responsible to involve by mobilizing network and resources as an airline in these times of need.
Besides, Datuk Kamarudin is one of the most successful businessperson that mainly focus in team oriented. According to indeed.com, every employees in AirAsia are allowed to have their own idea and contribute in the decision making. He claims that the key success of AirAsia in Malaysia begin with his traits and corporation with Datuk Seri Anthony Fernandes, and teamwork is needed to make a company success.
Furthermore, Datuk Kamarudin is a modest person, despite his recognition as the 21st richest man in Malaysia, however he is more emphasizes on spiritual wealth. He is willing to interact with people in different social classes. He has a high openness on his business (Zuhairi Zainal, 2015), which he always willing to consider new ideas when discuss a featured topic with others.

2.1.1 Evaluation on Traits Approaches
Traits can be defined as a particular characteristic, quality, or tendency that acquired by someone. Datuk Kamarudin is a warm-hearted people, which he is willing to serve whenever he is affordable to do so. This has been proven by the donation he contribute to the victims in Nepal. This action has bring an enhancement on AirAsia’s public image and create opportunities for the company.
Moreover, Datuk Kamarudin emphasize teamwork on the management of employees, where he make the communication between them become more efficiency. This has become important when the nature of the company needs the employees to corporate with each other. Under his management, Air Asia become the top low-cost airlines company in the world and well known at global level.
On the other hand, Datuk Kamarudin’s modest nature has bring the loyalty of his employees. By the borderless management style he has used, the employees have given the freedom to share their ideas with him without consider the position. This can also improve the organization by the diversity of creativity that came from different level of viewpoint.

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2.2 Behavioral Approaches
Datuk Kamarudin applied affiliative leadership style in his career. He is a master at establishing positive relationship which his employees will be loyal, share information and has a high level trust on him as they treat him as a reliable leader. According to AirAsia’s annual report (2011), he create a harmonious atmosphere that encourage his employees to achieve higher standard and better performance, both on personal and professional level by frequently providing positive feedback to the employees.
Moreover, Datuk Kamarudin is an effective leader that encourage participation in decision making. He empowers his employees by encouraging them to offer ideas about decisions that affects them (AirAsia Bhd, 2011). This give them the opportunities to succeed in their career by given the right to voice out their point of view towards their working place (Essays, UK, 2013). On the other hand, his employees will feel respected by their leader.
In addition, Datuk Kamarudin has a high consent for people. AirAsia’s employees have given high flexibility on their work tasks. Under AirAsia’s policies, the employees are allowed to change into different department after they work for one month in their current department, which has prevent them from being too bored to work in the same area and task. This can enable the employees to gain motivation and different experiences in various field (Essays, UK, 2013).

2.2.1 Evaluation on Behavioural Approaches
Datuk Kamarudin encourage a positive relationship among his employees, which has bring motivation to his employees in the corporation between each other. This will benefit the productivity of the organization especially when the nature of company required the employees to work as a team. In the case of AirAsia, the employees are able to help each other to increase the quality and efficiency of the services.
Apart from that, the people who works inside the organization are allow to apply for changing into different department. In AirAsia, Datuk Kamarudin give his employees the opportunities to experience more in new environment. This will motivate the employees to gain more knowledge and skills through their workout.
However, Datuk Kamarudin has put too much trust on his employees. A lot of uncertainty will be generated, such as wrong decision making, mistake in providing information, and leak of confidential information of the organization. This issue may affect the development of an organization and trustworthy from the public.

2.3 Contingency Approaches
Datuk Kamarudin is a participative leader, which allows everyone freely access to one another. He claims that everyone should be treated with respect, not just for opportunities, but for actively encouraging and realizing their potential. Besides, he also believe that empowering and nurturing talent can create unstoppable momentum (AirAsia Bhd, 2011). Due to this, the corporation encourage their Allstars to dream as AirAsia is very willing to provide them with all the support they need to make their dreams come true.

2.3.1. Evaluation on Contingency Approaches
In AirAsia, the employees have given the freedom to access to every level in the organization. This has provide convenience for employees to communicate with each other, especially when there is an emergency where the authority has become a border to solve a problem. For instance, when there is an emergency where a first line manager has to contact with the director, he or she can just contact to the director rather than contact the upper level manager that may cause the information to be delayed.

2.4 Contemporary Approaches
Datuk Kamarudin is a transformational leader which have successfully create a company that was very different from the traditional and hierarchical corporations that was existed in Malaysia. After he took up the management, his vision and philosophy was simple, it was to create an environment that values, treasures, inspires and excites people. He firmly believe that people-oriented will promote sustained growth and pay off in the bottom line. This belief has been proven based on the records for the past ten years.