1 Norberto Inzunza Armin Tchami From Beer to Eternity 17 March 2018 Personal Beer Evolution The first memory i have of beer is my dad asking me to get him and my uncles another round of drinks from an ice chest filled with nothing but blue cans and ice

Norberto Inzunza
Armin Tchami
From Beer to Eternity
17 March 2018

Personal Beer Evolution
The first memory i have of beer is my dad asking me to get him and my uncles
another round of drinks from an ice chest filled with nothing but blue cans and ice .I
have grown since then and so has my knowledge and love for beer. Beer in my family
was always a given a parties or gatherings. I was brought up mostly around modelos
,pacificos,and of course budlights.As u can imagine as soon as I turned 21 thats the first
types of beers i got a hold of. I used to think people would drink to get some type of
buzz or head change.There is more to beer than meets the eye.

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Beer has been around for as long as i can remember. Did you know that the first
brewers were women? Neither did I. It has also been a strong catalyst for modern
society, In fact beer is over 8,000 years old . It’s also known that beer was used as a
form of payment and medicine. On January 26, 1920, the Eighteenth Amendment to the
United States Constitution was created. This prohibited the “manufacture, sale and
transportation of intoxicating liquors” and was approved by all but two states. 478
breweries were made unable to stay in business. This was called prohibition. The
United States is not the only country to have embraced prohibition—you can go back as
far as Egypt 4,000 years ago to find the first attempts to control the beer trade. In the
United States in the 1960s there were fewer than 50 breweries, Now there are more
than 2,800. The biggest brewing company as of 2002 is Anheuser-Busch, according to
the book ;Tap Into The Art And Science Of Brewing by Charles Bamforth. This to me
makes sense since the shelfs at the grocery stores are filled mostly with their beer. I
would later come to find out that advertising played a huge role in the growth of the big
3 breweries post the prohibition era when I saw the movie ; Beer Wars.
?Growing up in a mexican family beer was as an essential part of
life. Of course The mexican lager is its own style of beer. Mexican beer is far from
enchanting; it’s never been considered much more than another thirst-quenching

beverage in a super hot country. Or at least that's what i first thought of it. it really is my
“go-to” beer of choice. Grupo Modelo and Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma are the
two top dogs in the mexican brewery industry today. With beers like modelo negra,
pacifico, and corona rounding up some of my favorite from the cerveceria de Modelo
(Modelo brewery).Cerveceria Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma with some great options as well
like Dos Equis and Tecate. Each one offers their own characteristics and flavors that set
them apart. Even till this day mexican beer variety keeps growing. Now they incorporate
light lagers like for example;Modelo light ,Pacifico light, and Tecate light trying to reach
a different crowd or perhaps give us more choices to pick from. Now they even added a
new flavor to some of their line ups with a michelada recipe.
The ingredients of beer are what brought me to the next stage of my Beer
Evolution. Craft beer is pretty new to me but it has also been really good to me. I have
found a new love for IPAs. To me a key ingredient of beer is the hops which gives it its
unique flavor and character. Hops are obvious but also there is other ingredients of
importance like malted grains(Barley), water, and yeast. In the process of brewing the
barley is malted and the hops are wort boiled in different ways to make different
characteristics and then come the yeast. However yeast must be fermented first.
Fermentation is mainly concerned with the conversion of sugars into alcohol, and the
rate at which this occurs is basically in direct quantity to the temperature and to how
much yeast is put into the fermenter. Brewery fermentation is also about creating a fine
mix of flavor compounds. Character of a beer often depends as much as anything else

on the yeast, particularly for lagers. All brewers are in agreement about the value of
chilling beer to bring stability to it. Beer is then filtered then packaged.
Beer comes in different styles as well as colors and flavors. Such as ales, lagers,
and stouts. Color influences the perception of the flavor as well as the smell. Craft beer
has shown me maybe different types of beers with different brewing techniques. There
is still so much for me to learn about this thirst quenching gift from god himself. I started
drinking because it was culturally accepted in my family and it was a way to bond with
your friends and family. Whether you drink beer for different reasons or no reason at all
there is a beer for you all you have to do is find it. Beer is much more than an alcoholic
beverage with a cool label on it. For some brewers it's a way of life. There is so much
hard work and precision that goes into brewing and i can say i am much more
appreciative now than i was when i first picked up a can of Bud Light. I never thought
beer would grow on me like it did but i always knew it played a part in my family's
culture. I have now set new goals that include beer tasting and I now have a whole new
perception of beer. I want to try any and every kind of beer . I hope to one day brew my
own beer and sharing it with friends and family.