1) Firstly, you need to be wearing googled so you will not be exposed to unknown and potentially dangerous fumes as well as working in a ventilated area.
2) Add 650mL of distilled water into the large beaker.
3) Place the beaker into a cold water bath to guarantee that it won’t fall or tip over as a safety precaution.
4) Then measure and Weigh the required amount of sodium hydroxide into a small beaker on the electronic balance scale using a spatula
5) Add small amounts at a time of sodium hydroxide to the solution in the large glass beaker while stirring the mixture until the solid has dissolved completely in the solution.
6) Check the temperature of the solution to see that it is not too hot before each addition.
7) Once all the sodium hydroxide has been added to the distilled water creating a solution, and has completely dissolved rinse the small beaker and glass rod thoroughly with water from the wash bottle
8) When the solution has cooled to room temperature, transfer it into the volumetric flask. Through a funnel to prevent spillage, Then rinse the large beaker and funnel with distilled water that no solution remains behind. once all the solution has been transferred into the flask
9) Carefully add more distilled water till the solution fills to the neck of the flask horizontally.
10) Once all that is completed you then have to pour the solution into a storage bottle and place the stopper on top of the flask so that it is secure. After it is secure carefully tip the flask upside down a few times to make sure the solution is thoroughly combined then label the flask following the standard label practical.
11) Lastly after the practical is completed you need to clean up any spills or splashes with water thoroughly and make sure to clean the surfaces of the tables, benches of your workspace as well as cleaning all your equipment if it has any remains of solutions.