• The 2 core areas sitting at the heart of the map

• The 2 core areas sitting at the heart of the map, are applicable to all HR professionals.
o Insights, strategy & solutions describes how an HR practitioner develops strategies and delivers solutions for the organisation and its financial performance.
o Leading HR is supporting, developing and leading others in the organisations by being a role model.

• The 8 professional areas surrounding the core areas describes the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to increase the performance of the organisations.
o Organisation Design is ensuring the organisation is appropriately designed to deliver maximum impact now and, in the future, by assessing the operating model, assessing the need for structural change, re-designing structures and implementing the changes.
o Organisation Development is identifying organisation and individual capability requirements, and aligning strategy, people and processes to optimise effectiveness and achieve the organisation’s goals. Designing interventions to drive the appropriate culture, behaviours, skills and performance and providing insight and leadership on change management strategy, planning and implementation.
o Resourcing and Talent Planning is ensuring that the organisation has the right resource, capability and talent to achieve immediate and strategic ambitions now and in the future, includes developing and delivery resourcing and talent plans, assessment and selection, induction and exit.
o Learning and Development is building individual and organisation capability and knowledge to meet current and future requirements and creating a learning culture to embed development includes designing and delivering development interventions, and leadership and talent development.
o Performance and Reward is creating and maintaining a high-achieving culture by delivering programmes that reward and recognise key employee capabilities, skills, behaviours, experience and performance, and ensuring that reward systems are market-relevant, fair and cost=effective.
o Employee Engagement is strengthening the connection that all employees have with their work, colleagues and the organisation to make a greater contribution towards organisational objectives. Includes designing and delivering employee surveys, developing and delivering engagement plans, and developing the employer brand.
o Employee Relations is ensuring the individual and collective relationships between the organisation and its employees are managed appropriately, within a clear framework underpinned by organisation culture, practice, policy and law. Includes conflict management, collective negotiation and consultation, and working with trades unions.
o Service Delivery and Information is ensuring that the delivery of the HR service is customer-focused across the employee lifecycle, applying exceptional process and project management to create an effective and cost=efficient HR service. Includes providing the organisation and HR with meaningful analytics to enable business improvement.

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• The 8 behaviours at the outer circle describes the behaviors that needs to carry out to make the organisation a success.
o Curious is future-focused, inquisitive and open minded; seeks out evolving and innovative ways to add value to the organisation.
o Decisive thinker analyses and understands data and information quickly. Uses information, insights and knowledge in a structured way to identify options, make recommendations and robust decisions.
o Skilled influencer influence others to gain the necessary commitment and support from diverse stakeholders in pursuit of organisational value.
o Personally Credible builds and delivers HR professionalism through combining commercial and HR expertise to bring value to the organisation, stakeholders and peers.
o Collaborative works effectively and inclusively with a range of people, both within and outside of the organisation.
o Driven to deliver demonstrates determination, resourcefulness and purpose to deliver the best results for the organisation.
o Courage to Challenge shows courage and confidence to speak up skilfully, challenging others even when confronted with resistance or unfamiliar circumstances.
o Role Model is consistently leads by example. Acts with integrity, impartially and independence, balancing personal, organisation and legal parameters.