Use the lowest concentration possible

Use the lowest concentration possible.
• Use the smallest volume possible.
• Wear eye protection for all but the most-dilute solutions; goggles for concentrated acids.
• Wear protective gloves if anything more than tiny amounts of concentrated acid is handled.
• Avoid breathing the gas or fumes from concentrated solutions, eg by use of a fume cupboard.
What are the details of the activity to be undertaken? What are the hazards?
• What is the chance of something going wrong?
eg, hazardous products (such as chlorine) produced as a result of a reaction wit the acid or choking fumes if the concentrated acid is
• How serious would it be if something did go wrong?
NB There are occasional reports of students being taken to hospital as a result of breathing in chlorine.
• How can the risk(s) be controlled for this activity?
eg, can it be done safely? Does the procedure need to be altered? Should goggles or safety spectacles be worn?