The subjects participating in this experiment are 20 students

The subjects participating in this experiment are 20 students, who are currently taking Physiology class, in City College of San Francisco on Fall 2018. The Students were Randomized in 10 control and 10 experimental group. Prior to the experiment subjects were filled a survey consisting of their age, gender, weight, health history and their level of exercise. The students are then given an explanation about their responsibility throughout the process.
For the Experimental group, the participants asked to sit on a chair and relaxed while their Resting heart rate was measured using Pulse Oximeter. The subject was then asked to look and memorized 20 different kinds of pictures for 30 seconds. The participants then asked to perform an exercise on a step for 3 minutes, in the meantime asked to reach 70% of their maximum heart rate, which is calculated by subtracting their age from 220. Once they reached, asked to maintain the target heart rate for the given amount of time. When the time was over, they allowed to sit on a comfortable chair and wrote what they memorized for 30 second time interval.
For the Control group, The participants asked to memorize the pictures for 30 seconds, after a minute they waited for 3-minute standing or doing what they wanted to do. When the time was up they asked to write what they could recall for 30 seconds interval. After the Participants recalled as many as they remembered in a given time, their number of correctly written words would be counted and put in the data.