Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan

Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan.
Singaporean (1941).
Studied Barrister at Law in Middle Temple, United Kingdom.(Celeb, 2010)
One of the richest people in Malaysia.
President of Hong Leong Bank Berhad(Malaysia).
Successful business man.
Rich in business experience in different business sectors.
Charismatic Leadership
Depends on the personality and actions of the leader — not based on the process and structure.
A person who is convinced of the moral righteousness of his faith, strongly personality and have sense of humility. (Ramy, 2017)
Example characteristic: Articulate, visionary and tend to personal risk. (Spahr, 2014)
Mission of Hong Leong Foundation.
To dedicate to the alleviation of poverty in Malaysia. (Hong Leong Foundation, 2014)
Example: Hong Leong Foundation would donate a huge amount of money to society in every year such as disabled students, funds construction projects for non-profit institutions and schools, and so on.
2. Brave to take risk.
Took part as Chairman of Hong Leong Bank Malaysia even Mr Quek is a lawyer.
Decide operate or enter into Malaysia when Singapore and Malaysia are split. (Gurmeet, 2016)
Followers imitate leaders’ beliefs and values.
Higher performance and dedication of employees.
Developed the next generation.
Don’t be afraid to take risks!
Example: He takes part as CEO of Hong Leong Bank Malaysia even he studied and graduated in law. But now, his success expands this business in different countries.
Example: Singapore, Hong Kong, and China.