Some say that recycling can be a hard thing to do

Some say that recycling can be a hard thing to do. There are just so many aspects to look at when recycling. Plastic, paper and glass, all need to be separated and sometimes can make us confused on where to put which material. It is even said that recycling can be troublesome and time consuming. That point is true but it is not important because recycling helps to protect our ecosystem and wildlife and if we are not going to do it just because we are confused, then it is going to affect our environment in the long run. For example, recycling paper can reduce the production of more paper which can stop our trees from getting cut. If the forests are cut down, it can reduce the production of oxygen thus can contribute to global warming. Other than that, recycling paper can also lessen the harmful disruption and damage being done to the wildlife habitat. Hence, recycling should be mandatory as it play an important role in protecting our natural resources.