Restaurant Review- At most restaurants

Restaurant Review-
At most restaurants, you walk in, sit down, and spend what seems like an hour, selecting the dish you will be indulging in. But at Chipotle, no matter what choice you make, everything is delicious, and customizable to your satisfaction.

There is a delectable, menu with a wide variety of options: from a burrito, to a taco, or even a salad. There are choices for foodies of all ages. Plus, every meal is custom- made to suit your taste buds. Therefore, if you prefer black beans over pinto, white rice over brown, or pico de gallo salsa over tomatillo- chili salsa, they’ll have it for you.

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Another positive is their incredible cilantro-lime rice. It is truly and simply delicious. Their guacamole is equally amazing. The fusion of onion, jalapeño, cilantro, and a pinch of salt, will make you crave more.

Every time I step into a Chipotle, I always notice the architecture. The accordion fold metal and the light-colored wood, blend into a modern perfection. However, my eye, is particularly drawn to the intriguing abstract art, which is hung on the wall, in most Chipotles.

Chipotle may not be your favorite, but it sure is one of mine. It is affordable, tasty, and a quick pick that everyone will enjoy. So if you’re looking for a simple meal, a family dinner, or even a caterer, try Chipotle. Satisfaction, guaranteed!