physio-ripening of banana need for project

physio-ripening of banana
need for project:
commercial ripening is an essential step while dealing with fruits at large, as fully ripend fruits can not be shipped anywhere without serious physical and mechanical injuries. So immature (unriped) fruits are choosen for distribution and different ripening treatments and methodologies are used before shelving. different chemical treatments (erhylene,calcium cabide, ethephone, ethrel, ethylene glycol) applied generally for ripening are repoted being associated with increased health saferty issues. Thats why natural ways are needed to introduce for ripening. one natural way is, using apple as ripening agent for banana at commercial level.
Commercially using apple as ripening agent for banana.
it may be feasible at commercial level or not.
ripening chamber is required.
unripened bananas.
ripened apples.
phase I.
Ripened apple emit ethene gas which can be used as ripening aid for bananas at commercial level. put the bunches of bananas and apples in the ratio of 2:1 in chamber. the internal atmospheric level of ethene in chamber should be set upto specific limit, not damaging to both fruits.
phase II.
As ripened apple have greater shelf life at refrigration temperature (4 Co)and banana require warm sorroundings (14 Co) for ripening. so ripening chamber’s temperature is required to be set somewhere between these limits, that is at least not damaging to the both entities.
phase III.
In These circumstances apples are susceptible to over ripening so the apple supply already present in chamber will be changed with new ones after 4 days or as per required.
Expected outcomes:
• physio ripening of banana will eliminate the potential health risk as caused by the calcium carbide.
• it will fasten the ripening as compare to artificial ripening (calcium carbide).
Possible beneficiary:
• it will be beneficial to fruit trading companies all over the world.
• overall society will be saved from sever health safety issues.
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