Nowadays, watching TV shows and playing computer games are increasingly becoming a widespread phenomenon in most household. Video games tend to captivate and appear very interesting to children. Many people foresee imminent dangers to uncontrolled assess to the watching TV and playing computer games and, are promulgating the idea that parents should impose restrictive measures and enforce strict control regulations. I am a strong advocator of such propositions.
To begin with, it is obviously true that spending enormous time on the TV set could be detrimental to the overall well-being of children. There are certain ailments or diseases, which are due to obsession or excessive use of digital gadget, ailment like obesity, rachiocampsis scoliosis, cardiovascular problems and Attention Defect Disorder resulted from the screen. Poor posture could be because of certain muscles tightening up or shortening while others lengthen and weaken due to the repetition of similar activities every day. Other factors are also of concerns and are considered potentially harmful to the general well-being, they include biomechanical factors such as force, and repetition and some occupational activities, such as sitting down over a long period of duration.
According to (Dixon, 2007), thesis statement “Impact of Watching TV on children” His article explains the negative impact and health issues resulting from watching TV. His article clearly states that children sitting idle and watching TV could result incur health-related issues such as obesity. Other articles also link early TV watching to health issues such as ADD ‘Attention Defect Disorder’/ ADHD ‘Attention Defect Hyperactive Disorder’ in children. Recent studies by (center, 2004) thesis statement “Defect disorder in children” reveals that every time children within ages of 1-4 watches TV incur abilities not to pay attention, and this phenomenon increased 10 fold by children, age 7.
Notwithstanding, according to other studies, computing could enhance cognitive memory i.e. capacity to learn and understand. Computers could be used as tools to promote verbal reasoning and oral learning in educational centers. Computers could as well be helpful in resolving classwork and home tasks. Frequently use of screen media could boost children’s propensity and intuition to multitask. Of course, the message here is to ensure, the screen has high resolution, age discretion with parental control.
In conclusion, children spending excessive time playing games on computers and watching TV shows are prone to outcomes that are unnecessary and disastrous. Therefore, parents should motivate and promote active sports and other outdoor recreational activities that are considered productive and enables healthy growth and positive physiology.