Name of the business

Name of the business: serveME
Slogan: The service you EXPECT, the quality you DESERVE
The way we work:
DISCOVER how we will make your life easier
MATCH and get closer to the services that interest you the most
RELAX with our satisfying helping hands
Who we are?
“serveME” is a Bahraini online trade agent that connects people to services, wherever they are using a flexible smartphones application. serveME helps people in simplifying their lives by providing individuals and companies with the engine to find services, the job seekers to find a suitable job, and the employers to find the best talent.
The application offers services in more than 20 cities all over Bahrain, providing miscellaneous services, trusted employer companies, and sophisticated job seekers.

serveME pioneered the intermediary business of providing services, is also offering valuable online advertising space to companies with different business types, looking to showcase their brand to their target audience.
Ease of access in getting the desired quality service will be the key driver for our business.

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Why serveME?
We have designed an integrated approach that focuses our more innovative technology into powerful, easy to use application.
Why? To help you find not only the best quality services but more of them. To streamline the process so you can save your time, to improve your experience in the field you are working on and give you the ability to promote your business to hire the qualified ones.

Basically, we want to provide you with the service you EXPECT, the quality you DESERVE.

Our services
“serverME” offers you the chance to discover and request services from our partner service providers throughout Bahrain.
Each partner has a prescribed working area. This is to ensure that the services reach the customers’ door as fast as possible. When the customer is outside the area of a certain company, a message will notify them and suggest another service provider.
Working hours’ information will be presented to each partner therefore operating hours will vary from a company or individual provider to another depending on the availability of our partners.

Our services are diversified as we are developing our strategies day by day to connect you with more service providers. We categorized the services to let you find your need in a couple of seconds, instead of that, a search engine with keywords will be provided to best help you ease the process.

the categories and the available services are:
Car services: Car wash – Car polish – Car maintenance
Transportation: Taxies – Furniture moving and others
Household maintenance: Air conditioning services – Cleaning and general maintenance – Electricians – Gas provider – Pipe fitting – Shades – Housemaids
Saloons and barbers
Networking: IT – Telephone fixing – Satellite fixing
Become a member!
Looking for a way to maximize your income is unfortunately hard. Let us make it easier by giving you the opportunity to apply in different fields of jobs.

As individuals:
serveME provides unemployed people with the chance to invest their ability in working.

For applying, people must have work permits, then upload their resume so recruiters can contact them. On the other hand, they can post their information “Name, Age, Nationality, Experience, Type of services, Personal photo” to apply as an individual service provider.

As Business company:
Business owners who want to become a partner in providing services can upload the company’s information “Name, Available services, Nationalities of employees, working hours” and a monthly contract between us will be signed. Take advantage of a wide range of partnership opportunities by linking your business to our application.

You can get alerts if a customer requested a service or a recruiter is interested in your experience and ability to work.

How to use it?
Users are requested to go through some easy steps to REACH their need.

1. Registration: Users must register to have the ability to make an order, they are requested to provide their names, addresses, phone number, email address, and password. Therefore, serveME team can manage their orders with their data.

2. Basket: Is a tool where the selected services appear, and it allows users to modify dates, time, type of services and they are allowed to cancel the order. Also, it enables users to choose payment methods and confirming the order.

3. Payment: We accept the following credit and debit cards, American Express, Visa and Mastercard. We are unable to accept cards that are due to expire within the next month.
4. Order management: After confirming the order, a message will be sent to both the customer and the service provider to provide them with the order number that will inform them with all the details about the order: list of the requested services, user information, details of the address, date and time and payment information. The team will send a notification reminder a day before the requested day to ensure that the customer is available, and they can delay it within 24 hours before the chosen time.

5. Our way to thank our customers: To make our customers satisfied and happy, serveME will allow customers to provide a feedback after being served by our service provider partners and it will appear for all the users. As serveME team, we will provide our customers with the option to schedule the needed services daily, weekly or monthly. hence, to ease the process and to save their time. After each order, a magnet with our logo and application name will be given to the customers by our partners instead of a business card. Moreover, discounted coupons will be available for our effective users.

6. Customer care centre: a 24/7 chat will be available to help users and to answer all their questions.