My first day at college has a special meaning to me

My first day at college has a special meaning to me. It was an emotional day with a little stress. The first day was at College of science and arts in Unizah on 17th September Sunday.

That night I had so many thoughts on my mind, from what I will wear to what should I do. I did not sleep at night, so I came early to college. I felt proud of being a college student.

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I was already agreed with some of my friends to meet them there. We were happy to saw each other, and also interesting about being college students. There were not new experiences for me, because I already asked my sister all that question about college. She studied there and graduated. I entered the college for the Qyas exam, so it is a familiar place.
However, still, there are places I did not see it before

It was the first thing that I did on my first day at college.
I had an overview of college life from my older sister.
notice board
I entered the college gate. I went for a walk with my friends to discover the college. I learned that is every student should be responsible. I still remembered my first day at college. I felt uneasy.

I can never forget my first day at college.