McDonald’s area Franchise Company

McDonald’s area Franchise Company, a franchise is a company where an entrepreneur can opt to set up a new independent business and try to win customers. An alternative is to buy into an existing business and acquire the right to use an existing business idea. This is called franchising. Opening a franchise is but much less risky than opening a new retail because the customers are already basically there for you. An advantage of having franchise is that you have already got the brand name there for you at the very start of your business and you have don’t nothing. However if they end up getting a bad name because they have done something wrong the bad name follows onto you and you start losing profit because of this bad name the company you have bought into. McDonalds employ about 85,000 people a year so they would be in the large size. As McDonalds are a franchise business it is most commonly known to be in the national scope of business activities. The purpose of McDonalds is to provide a fast food service to the international states there companies are based, they provide foods such as burgers and chips which is their main focus of the business but over the past years McDonalds have expanded their menu and it has come through as a success. Some of the main success of their new menu is the chicken range such as chicken nuggets and the chicken burgers. The reason for McDonald’s success is that they have a clear vision of what they need to do in order to keep their company alive and to keep their customers happy such as not having their prices too high and also to not allow their food standards to drop do customers who have one of their meals they will be satisfied and full so they know they have got their value for money. Also if ti gets to a point of wear they realise that a certain product is not selling as much anymore they will have to resolve this by either sell the rest of the stock and discontinue the food from the menu, they could lower the price cause that maybe the problem cause their aren’t getting their value for money or they could improve the recipe cause the food might have a horrible taste so it they take something out it may give it a hint of a different flavour.