Letter to Donald Trump Student’s name Institution I am a member of Haudenosaunee which means the people who build a house

Letter to Donald Trump
Student’s name

I am a member of Haudenosaunee which means the people who build a house. I have learned much about this alliance which is one of the six members of the Native American nations which have their own identity, with different cultures and beliefs. With time I was taught and I can boldly state here that I am reliably informed about the beliefs, history, and culture of the Haudenosaunee. I believe my point of view on peace, nature and our good mind is going to benefit you and your county.
To begin with, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy serves as an epitome of peace. Long ago a man called the peacemaker was believed to have wanted to travel all over the territory spreading peace and unity. Through this, we came to know that the Haudenosaunee was founded on the great law which affirms the respect for all people. To date, this law binds the people through the belief we share and the continuous acknowledgment by your country on the influence of the Haudenosaunee ensures continuous respect for the U.S constitution thus becoming easy for you to govern them.
Allow me to inform you that the Haudenosaunee communities have had games being part of an important social life. Not only does the fun of playing brings people together, they also teach the importance of having physical strength, team building, and community socialization. Today we have the Iroquois Nationals with a team competing nationally and internationally. Their involvement is an extension of the pride of the U.S culture and maintaining of regional beliefs which keeps the reputation and heritage of your county high.

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In addition to that, I beg also to add that the encounter by the Haudenosaunee with the Europeans led to the expansion of trade. This could not have been achieved were there not good relations between the two regions. That gives me a confident reason why with your help, continuous goodwill relations with our members and clans with this great country will ensure a flow of income and a balanced economy for your country. This will boost your resource distribution and also mutual friendship with other countries.

I would also like to inform you that the Haudenosaunee hold celebrations every day in order to give thanks for all things. This is one of the most important parts of the ceremony for it involves honoring every other human being in a way that calls for respect of another, as a leader its one’s responsibility to ensure good relations among people, to ensure that we mind each other and I do solemnly believe this is your agenda. These celebrations bring people together in good faith and in good will thus enhancing national cohesion for your people.

Lastly, I would emphasize on the fact that you and your country will benefit from the Ganondagan state historic site that is earning revenue, bringing many people together thus enhancing national integration and maintenance of the nature provisions in Haudenosaunee. Through all these and many other views, I have a positive stance that you and your country will benefit in a good way and enable you to run your country and I believe it will thrive in all sectors.