lenin and imperialism vladimir lenin is a famous russian communist revolutionary politician and political theorist he was born in simbirsk to a wealthy middle-class family in 22 april 1870and dead on 21 january 1924

lenin and imperialism vladimir lenin is a famous russian communist revolutionary politician and political theorist he was born in simbirsk to a wealthy middle-class family in 22 april 1870and dead on 21 january 1924.he worked and served many sectors during his life from 1917 to 1924 he served as head of government which is of the soviet russia and also he served soviet union between years 1922 to1924 and of the soviet union from 1922 to 1924. that was under his administration russia after that he became one party communist stage which was governed by russian communist party. he has a developed many political theories which named from his name known as leninism. the first thing that lenin has talked about and got involve in is the imperialism. the main goal for the lenin was to show the change to the believers development or colonialist opposition within the late nineteenth centenary then before early twentieth centenary. the idea of capitalism has established significant changes during that period of time. that is the reason he called government toward the start of the twentieth century a phase of free enterprise. when lenin mentioned imperialism in 19th century he didnt mean that the imperialism was not exist before that time.it is right the capitalism exited before 19th century but we can say that imperialism was exist before 19th and some resource say that it was exist even before capitalism. in addition maurice dobb in one article that he wrote about lenin he states that lenin was one of the most successful of great historical figures. admittedly success is capable of varying interpretations. but if we include success both the boldness of design as well as the magnitude achievement there can be little doubt of his outstanding importance. some figures in history may be able to show a more precise correspondence of hope and achievement but their hope was usually less ambitious their design more limited. few if any can have designed so revolutionary a transformation of the basis as the expropriation of the propertied class of a great nation and the construction of a totally new economic order and lived to see it being carried into effect 1939 1940 pp. 34-54 imperialism the highest stage of capitalism: in a journal that terrence mcdonough wrote is indicated that lenins concept of a stage of capitalism was a significant contribution to the resolution of the first major crisis in marxian theory this crisis was initiated by the capitalism recovery from the great depression of the late 19th century and bernsteins revisionist response. lenins solution to this controversy has been a seminal influence on subsequent marxian discussion of stages within capitalist history. lenins concept of the imperialist stage of capitalist history in the ancestor through the baran-sweezy monopoly capital school of the american social structures of accumulation frame work for marxian stage theory. ernest mandels theory of the stag of the late era of classical imperialism. finally lenins influence on stage theory has not been confined to the west. mcdonough terrence fall 1995 pp. 339-367 imperialism has five basic feature that will explain this term in a brief way but also helpful to understand it at the same time. the first feature is that the economic life has developed because of the concentration of production and developed of capital to a much higher stage that monopoly has been created from which also play a significant role in economic. the second one is about the financial issues when we talk about economy and improving it we also mean those industrial capital and its creation which means the finance capital of the oligarchy sectors. the third feature is about import and export of goods that every country has they influenced by exporting materials to export of capital to get significant exceptional. the fourth point is the arrangement of worldwide monopolist industrialist affiliations which share the world within themselves. and the five and last one is the regional division of the entire world among the greatest entrepreneur powers is ended. imperialism is capitalism at that phase of improvement at which the predominance of monopolies infrastructures and fund capital is built up; in which the fare of capital has obtained articulated significance; in which the division of the world among the universal trusts has started in which the division of all domains of the globe among the greatest entrepreneur powers has been ended. phill gassper december 2 2008 marxism is a critical imperative who always desire to ask about the mainstream policy driven which is procedures in conformity with ir concept and a classical toward longevity stability which is by the philosophical with sociological culture regarding its namesake who is the philosopher karl marx. marxism is the only theoretical that is named following a person. maïa pal feb 25 2018 in addition of the spread of huge thinkers who are exist and we know and obtainable for us nowadays marx doesnt count as the most internationalist. in fact the works that marx has most of them was not essentially involved together with the emergence of the states or even function among them. the manufacturing revolution was the reason that why marxs hobbies was linked to ir because marx was willing and want to understand this event it was like a dream for him. marx with engels promoted a revolutionary strategy or outlined a set concerning concepts to that amount transcended national differences while also presenting realistic advice on what in conformity with construct a transnational career over people. labors upon industry throughout the world– the ordinary people who also known as worker had to order themselves into been a politically progressive career according to board the immoral and unfair influence of capitalism which had been accelerated and improved by industrial revolution. this sight of a prospective link between the size of humanity as a world proletariat is where or how marxism enters ir beside a specific point of view to other theories. maïa pal feb 25 2018 in conclusion these theories and information exist to make things clear and one can differentiate between what is real and what is non-real or illusion. historical materialism is the theory that leads marx to tries to get advantages and thin advice to grounding his understanding of worldwide relations. to doing this he wants to try the way the people have changed and transformed those lands that they have because people were depend on the land that they were working on and get benefits from its products and resources–example of this is an international organization. marxism has committed various descents in the improvement of the control of ir by being intrinsically worries with the methods in which people and groups interact and produce goods and stuffs within borders also how they manage themselves via institutions to control and dealing out stuff throughout the world. additionally this precisely argues that capitalisms development is connected to the modern boarding that were constructed. this makes us to ask if this system was not as real as we expected and stable because of that short history that has then we have to think about many others ways that we can make as good as marx hope to be. in a changeable way. this will help the world to be wealthier. regardless concerning versions inside the principle family to stay a marxist usually means to challenge ones thoughts about the world maïa pal feb 25 2018