In document 1

In document 1, Kennan sent a log telegram explaining the behavior of the Soviet Union since the Soviet Union declined to be part of the World Bank and American wanted to know what was going on. Kennan argued that since Russia has had problems about capitalism and its fear and insecurity about the west had made it difficult for them to come to terms agreeing with democratic nations like the U.S. Kennan described how the soviet were building more communist nations while the U.S was trying to stop and prevent communism from spreading. Kennan went forward in given example how Russia is spreading communism and rejecting capitalist nations. Both document 1 and 2 stated how the U.S wanted to make other countries democratic country and thus were helping those nations with military aids. Russia was an anti-democratic country ruled by a dictator, Kennan knew that was going to be a big problem because Russia was a powerful country and they didn’t want the fight between them and Germany to occur in Russia as well. Therefore, Kennan containment policy argued ways in which the Soviet Union can be dealt with and stop the spread of communism. Consequently, he suggested that the Soviets unions are weak economically and politically and thus they will eventually divide if the U.S strengthen the bonds of other countries agree to become democratic nations without any war. In document 2 it states how both countries have access to atomic bombs and Kennan advice to try to weaken the Soviet Union without creating conflict and that was the only way to maintain peace. Thus he created the containment policy to help weak states from becoming part of the Soviet; this was done by military, political and economic aids to these countries to try to keep the Soviets from extending their power to these weak nations. In document 1, the Kennan telegram help shaped the US foreign policy, for example, the containment policy guided President Truman to create the Truman doctrine. Truman sent military troops to oppose the Soviets and supported the Democratic Party to defeat the Soviets and prevent other closer nations from joining the Soviets. The containment also remains throughout the cold war. As stated in document 2, for America to secure its oil interest in the Middle East, they created the Eisenhower doctrine. Also, to shape the decision making on American foreign policy and in exchange for its benefit, the U.S provided economic and military aids to non-communist nations in the Middle East. In the video and text, Eisenhower delivery speech he stated that the US is increasingly dependent on nuclear weapons and that the U.S is using this as a source of power. He advised that the use of atomic weapons is becoming more of a global threat to security than creating peace and stability. He warned the Americans to be careful and not to misplace their power and succumb to military industrial complex as the American protest to wage nuclear warfare. He further stated that this would continue to exist if the American people do not take maximum caution. Even though he warns the United States, they still went to war with Vietnam.