IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNICATION Communication is the important part of our life

Communication is the important part of our life. It is defined as process of passing information from one person to another. According to Mc Farland communication is " a process of meaning full interaction among beings." The main purpose of communication is understanding the message what the other person want to explain to the listener.

Communication is basically divided in two types i.e., verbal and non-verbal. Both the human race and animals communicate with each other in some or the other way.

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Importance of communication in our daily life:
For human race communcation is the integral part of our life. One cannot imagine a life without communication. Communication is a effective way to share our feelings, problems,emotions, concerns and many more things. Communication helps to grow personally and professionally.

As we know that communication is of two types i.e., formal and informal.In personal life we communicate informal way and in business we use the formal way.

Let us see how it effect our personal life.In personal life we communicate with our near and dear ones.We share our feelings to them so that they understand us and we can understand them.To increase the bond with them and to help them.Communication is not only talking and giving our thoughts.It can be communicating through gestures,signs or in the written format.It helps to build relationships, trust etc.

In a family where their is a good communication among all children wouldn't be hesitant to share their problems and concerns to their parents.Communication can lead to healthy relationship among husband-wife, childrens and the whole family.It builds a great trust and good bond among them.

Communication in Organisation-
Communication plays a vital role in organisation.As in organisation we have to be professional so the formal way of communication is used among the people.In professional life effective communication is the utmost important thing. This is the reason why so much emphasis is given to communication skills in candidates interview. The person who communicates and can put forward his/her points has better clarity in concepts.It shows the confidence of the person.

Communication is the most important facet of the organisation.It helps the people of the organisation to do their specific jobs.As managers are the persons who specifies the job to specific person, it helps them to plan,organise,motivate,lead and control.

To become a good manager or leader communication is the important factor to their personality. As it is important build trust and bond among the workers an open relationship helps to strengthen them.In an organisation both written and verbal communication is important as their may be various types of way to communicate with the superiors,colleagues,subordinates,customers or suppliers.

As effective communication is the building blocks of successful communication. Let us see how it promotes-
Communication helps in socializing as in today's world socializing is the important thing.

It promotes motivation among the employees as by clarifying their doubts about their tasks and performing them well.

It helps in taking decision making confidently by discussing about their descision to their superiors.

It builds individuals attitude.

It increases the productivity of the organisation.
In organisation ithe two way process of communication is important as both superiors and colleagues must get chance to share their ideas.

Phases of Effective Communication in Organisation:
1. Idea
2. Sender/Encoder
3. Encoding
4. Message
5. Medium
6. Receiver/Decoder
7. Decoding
8. Feedback
Lack of Communication:
Lack of communication leads to low in self-esteem,less self-confidence. Due to which the person can’t communicate properly to any one and that leads to depression and lonliness.Lack of communication in relationship leads to misunderstandings among them and trust issues.

Lack of communication in workplace leads to poor performance,lack of teamwork and low morale and this become frustating to the person. Due to this stress occurs which rises health issues.

Communication plays a vital role in our professional and personal life. A effective communication is much to understand others and vice versa.In profesional life good communication leads to a successful journey.