How many mothers do you know that are working

How many mothers do you know that are working? According to the statistics from Bureau of Labor, almost 74 percent of women in the United States are working mothers. 52 percent of them are employed full time. Most mothers are the primary or the only source for 35 percent of household with children under 18 today. The number of working women is increasing day by day. The most important reason of that is the financial issues in the families. Some people argue that women be happier if they stayed home and concentrated on family life. Even though staying at home women will have more time to spend with their children, women are able to work outside of the home and be able to connect with their children and household duties, all at the same time. After all, is not only for mothers but also for fathers.
First of all, from a social aspect. We live in the 21-st century, and times have changed. Women today have equal rights to men. It is very important to be financially independent. Each person should have his own money. In that way, working mothers can be more satisfied. It is a pleasure for them to be able to buy new things for their children with their own money. If the family does not have financial issues, the relationship between mother and father, or between children and parents will be much better. Each husband should be pride, if his wife is working and supporting his family. Because the financial pressure will be less for the family. If a woman works, she does not have to ask for money from her partner every time. When you earn your own money ,you know the value of money and are free to buy whatever you like. When you are financially independent, you children will have better future. Many families are renting home. If one day the father is getting fired and he is the only income of the family, what are they going to do? That is way it is necessary for mothers to work. The children should be pride, too. The mother is an example of her children. And the working mother is a perfect example for children. In this life if we want to succeed, we will work hard. When children see that their mother can manage work and home together, they get inspired and follow their mother as they role model. Especially for daughters, mothers are role models. Without work we can not become what we want. If a woman wants to work and be independent, her husband and children should only support her. Sometimes, women are forced to leave their job after marriage.
Second, working mothers are more beautiful and happier. As every morning they do their makeup and hair, dress properly and go to work. They can use their time properly. But when they stay at home they care only about housework or children and forget about their appearance. At the end of the day they look very tired and stressful because they deal with more stress and depression at home. Work plays an important role for women’ s mental health. According to a psychologist study, women who work after having a baby show no sign of stress. The mothers, who had to leave their work after having a baby experienced the highest level of psychological distress. If a woman wants to have a happy marriage, she should have something different to think about except her husband and children.
In addition, working mothers enjoy their life. They can spend some time with their coworkers. They will develop more modern ways of thinking. They can interact with many different people. In that way, their children will consider their mother as their friend. If raising a child is the only job for woman, both the mother and children will suffer. As working mothers spend most of their time outside of the house, their children will be more responsible. For women marriage should not be the reason to quit their job and forget about themselves. Nowadays, when women stay at home and only do the chores, they are considered boring or old fashioned. Women are not robots, and they can not do the same housework every day. They need some changes in their life. Almost all the younger girls think that they will work after marriage despite of the family financial status. Now for many women the most important thing is the education. It is the key of the success. Getting a good career they should work whether they are married or not.
The opponents argue that married women should stay at home and take care of their children and husband. They claim that it is only husband’s responsibility to provide his family. They think that the children should be cared for and raised by their mother. The work can be an extra stress for a woman. They should be housewives and cook, do the dishes, clean the house and so they will be good wife for their husbands. Staying at home, the mothers should not worry about hiring a babysitter. They can see their children’ s first important evens, such as their first word or first steps. Mothers have the most responsibilities in this world. Stay-at -home moms house is more organized and clean. They have time for everything. Some women are just lazy, they don’ t like to work. They enjoy their usual life. Some women like to stay at home and spend their husband’s money by shopping all the day. They do not feel guilty when every time they are asking money from their partner. They like to drink coffee and chat with their friends and neighbors. At the same time they are with their children and don’ t have to leave the house.

However, perhaps it is not the best decision to be a stay-at-home. The benefits of working mother are more. A modern working mother could be good both at work and at home. They can raise more independent children. Working moms are able to manage their time properly. They don’ t have extra minute to waste. Sometimes, working mothers spend much fun time with their children then stay at home mothers. The children will miss their mother. And every time when their mother is back from the work they get excited. They are learning to appreciate the presence of their mother at home.
In conclusion, the reasons why should women work are various. The first reason is the financial aspect. Some mothers just have to work because the husband can not provide his wife and children. Nowadays, it is not easy to work money and the needs of today’s generation are very expensive. The second reason is for women’s healthy and happy life. Working mothers are happier as they can go out and somehow forget about their family issues. They concentrate their mind not only on the house and family but also on the job. Working mothers tend to be healthy as they become very active. They don’t have time to think about stupid thing or problems. They have to work and after work they have family responsibilities. The third reason why mothers should work is for their self-respect and for having the feeling of satisfaction. When they can support their family, they feel satisfied. Finally, the last but not least reason is that working mothers are more modern. Because every day they interact with different people. Every day they learn something new. It helps to improve the relationship with their children.

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