For many my stance that the US should get involved in the civil unrest of other nations causes anxiety and opposition to intervene

For many my stance that the US should get involved in the civil unrest of other nations causes anxiety and opposition to intervene. I feel for the families that have loved ones who come home injured or are killed because of the deployment of our military to these war-torn countries. I also understand the view that since the attacks our not here on US soil that it doesn’t really affect or involve us. But the harsh reality is that it does. Our country has always been known as a “melting pot”. Look around you in this classroom .Our social environment encompasses people from all nations of the world. So, to say that it really doesn’t affect us here is untrue. Have you ever heard the term” Six degrees of separation” it’s the theory that any person on the planet can be connected to any other person on the planet through a chain of acquaintances that has no more than six intermediaries. So, to me that theory represents that you either know someone affected by war or you yourself have been affected by conflicts in other countries. Here’s a scenario to think about…your friend or family is being bullied, abused or killed would you stand by and watch, or would you do everything in your power to protect them? I personally would protect them. Due to the US being recognized as a world power, our strong influence in foreign countries, and the need for world peace, I believe the US should get involved in the civil unrest of other nations.
From the beginning we recognized, as a colony of thirteen that political restraints and taxation hindered us, so we fought Britain for our Independence. Since then our involvement has varied in countless wars in other countries and in our own. At the core of these issues we are fighting for human rights in religion, ideology, independence, discrimination, and democracy.
When the US assists other countries, we prevent terrorist’s groups from expanding and support regimes that promote democracy, equality, and independence within their society. Without the US taking actions we could face disastrous outcomes.
The year I was born, Osama Bin Laden had planes hijacked to crash into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, it was one of the worst terroristic attacks to date in the US. The images of the twin towers burning and innocent people jumping from the Towers to their death to escape from the fire will forever haunt all those who have seen them. President Bush was quoting saying “”Freedom itself was attacked this morning” and he declared a war on terrorism. We weren’t submissive to this soulless attack, we retaliated with the War in Afghanistan to show that this sinful act would not go unpunished.
A very recent horrific act was On April 4, 2017 a sarin gas attack, which is gas gas that is 20 times as deadly as cyanide(, killed about 20 children and 60 adults in Khan Shaykhun. In response President Trump launched a cruise missile strike on a Syrian air base. The UN Security Council scheduled to hold an emergency meeting. The images all over the news of rescuers carrying lifeless children and covering terrified children with respirators to help them breathe became imbedded in our minds forever. According to this attack was orchestrated by the Syrian government in an attempt to kill off a group of rebels. Countless young minds were lost because of this bombing. We cannot sit on the sidelines as the lives of innocent people are lost because of a government’s ignorance. If the US did not interfere in situations such as this, governments such as that of Syria will believe their actions of this mass murder are acceptable. This will only lead to more casualties but with the aid of the US it will lead to progress towards world peace.
We as a powerful nation have a choice not let others vulnerability be there demise. We must show the world by utilizing our U.S. leadership role in international affairs that through support and unity we can overcome those who terrorize and torture others. We must stay resilient in our efforts to destroy those who repress and inflict suffering on others. For humanity and progress, we must face the fact that the collapse of freedom for others who we don’t help is not what we stand for here in the US.