Critical Race Theory is an outline to better understand our society and culture

Critical Race Theory is an outline to better understand our society and culture. Utilizing Critical Race Theory to explain race as a social construct, I understood race not necessarily as biological, but more of a concept that was made and used in society. Additionally, Guinier and Torres explained, “treating the social construction of race as central to the way that people of color are ordered and constrained in society” (Heilig, 2012, p. 407). Not only do these legal scholars shed some light onto why as well as how racism exists today, but also the role of race in today’s society. The occurrence of oppressing certain racial groups transpires and ultimately preserves the power of those that are privileged. Consequently, because of racism there is a hierarchy of who is able to access resources more freely in our society as opposed to those who are denied them.
I am privileged by race because I can turn on the television or open up a book and see that my race is well represented for, whereas there is a lack of diversity of other races on television and books. I am privileged because I have better access and more resources readily available because I am white. More specifically for example, I am more likely to get a loan for a house than someone who is a different race than myself. Finally, the most recent privilege I have noticed that I obtain is the food store providing a wide variety of food that reflects my cultural traditions.