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as indicated by Linog,2008,Android is a working framework in view of the Linux Kernel,and planned basically for touchscreen cell phones, for example, cell phones and tablet computers.Initially developes by Android,Inc.,which Google sponsored fiscally and later purchased in 2005 Android was divulged in 2007 alongside the establishing of the open handset partnership a consortium of hardware,software,and media transmission organizations dedicated to propelling open principles for versatile devices.The first freely accessible cell phone running android, the HTC dream,was discharged on October 22,2008.The significance of the Study,that the largest utilized cell phone working framework today is google’s Android.This quick rising OS gives individuals of all kinds of different backgrounds the capacity to possess cell phones that range from shabby prepared for the majority portable to top of the line rich phones.The Philippines is one of the developing markets for the Android telephones and Game OPS has been forefonts of technology.That actuality influenced us to choose to make an amusement provided food for the expanding number of Filipino Android clients.