An average of 276

An average of 276,000 teenagers between the age 14-25 tries to kill themselves every year,5000 success. The action of suicide is wrong, they make this action may the society or they feel not save in somewhere or the reason we did not know. Sometime when the teenagers have the feeling of suicide because there is no one of parent or friend beside them to help them solve the problem. The teenager’s suicide have several cause and effect: Bullying, parental divorce, and stress.
Bullying is the cause to make the teenagers think of suicide. The bullying will effect a person lost their self-esteem, It can happen in anywhere. The relationship of gay will have people laugh at because they treat them like different people. At the very beginning, the people will talk and finger point to the teenagers until the move to the next stage the people start to beat. In addition, no people concern about them and help them so they feel disappointed in the life. Sum up, teenager feel Unfair treatment and think to suicide.
Parental divorce is the cause to make the teenagers suicide. The teenagers are feels insecure when their parent is divorce because they would not help anything. Moreover, the parent are ignored teenager opinion. Because they need to be freedom and ignore teenager of think. Thus, parental divorce is made teenager friend laughs at and the people will tell the news one by one to the other people. In addition, parent beating to the teenager. Because parent let the teenager be their fight target. Sum up, teenager feels agony and for them, suicide is a good solution.
Stress is the cause to make the teenagers decision to suicide. Stress is everyone will have, if no on time have solution to solve this problem it will be teenager suicide weapon. In every teenager stress due to examination pressure. Because when the result was badly the parent was pointing. Thus, stress is due to work issue. because of work is facing challenges and poor job insecurity. In addition, finances. different of loan that can’t pay back and debt collector ask to pay back. Sum up, teenagers endure Excessive pressure, so it happens of suicide.
In conclusion, the teenager’s suicide can be many of cause. For many of cause, the main cause is a dislike of relationship different with other people. However, do not pay attention to the teenager. In addition, The life stress. In the opinion, the teenagers can’t think of suicide. Teenagers can go to find a friend, parent or Professional tutor to solve the problem. Then, the teenagers of suicide will be decreased.