A congenital disability is a medical condition you have from birth

A congenital disability is a medical condition you have from birth, it is present from birth but may
not be noticeable until the child gets older, it can be genetic and passed from either the mother or
father but can also skip generations. Information on humanillness.com suggests that A child born with
a congenital disability will not realise immediately that they are different from others and when they
do it depends on others around them as to how they progress with the knowledge. If they are in a
supportive environment where they are loved, and their parents communicate openly about the
disability and they are encouraged they are to aspire and achieve they are more likely to have a good
level of confidence and self-esteem. On the other hand, if they are in an environment where the
parents view the disability negatively, try to ignore it, urging the child to be more like others, “normal”
then the child may feel frustrated, isolated, unaccepted and that they have let down and disappointed
their parents and this could lead to a low level of self confidence and self-esteem.

Autism is a type of congenital condition; autistic people see the world and those around them
differently, they often feel overwhelmed with the world and this often causes them great anxiety.
According to autism.org, dealing with everyday things like shopping, school, work and social activities
Are hard because they struggle to understand and relate to others. It is not a medical condition that
can be cured, although all autistic people may share some symptoms and worries they will be affected
in different ways. Some may have learning disabilities or mental health issues.
The levels of support that people with autism will require needs to be tailored to meet the individual.
People with autism can develop with the right kind of support and are able to become involved in
making their own life choices.
“Diagnosis is usually made by a multi-disciplinary diagnostic team, often including a speech and
language therapist, paediatrician, psychiatrist and/or psychologist.” (Autism.org).

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Down Syndrome is another type of congenital condition, it is not inherited but is usually caused by
an extra chromosome in the sperm or egg and is more likely to occur in older women. According to
nhs.uk, although all women are offered a test during pregnancy the test not be able to tell for certain
if the mother is carrying a child with Down Syndrome but only the likelihood.

Down Syndrome is a genetic condition usually causing learning difficulties. Although the child is
Likely to look like family members there are also common characteristics with others with the same
condition, “floppiness, eyes that slant upwards and outwards, a small mouth with a tongue that
may stick out, a flat back of the head, below average weight and length at birth and their palm may.
have only one crease across it” (nhs.co.uk).

According to nhs.org, those with Down Syndrome can with support lead a full and active life,
contributing fully with society however, they are more likely to suffer with certain health conditions
such as recurring infections, hearing and sight problems, thyroid problems and heart conditions.

http://www.autism.org.uk/about/what-is/asd.aspx (Accessed 06/01/18)