2017 International Essay Contest for Young People

2017 International Essay Contest for Young People
?Youth Category – 2
nd Prize ?

Study the Core

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Anna Grigoryan
(Age 20, Armenia )

I’ve left my stone walls and chose the walls of green. One, two, three, and the cold wind
breaks those walls and takes me and also you, my reader, to an amazing journey. We see t he
birds high in the sky; we feel the power coming out of their wings. They are swimming in the
endless blue of the sky and diving inside the soft clouds. But suddenly we hear a terrifying
noise. “L ook back! T he huge sc reaming iron bird is so close .” White smoke marks the bird’s
way, and heavy wings disturb the calmness of the sky. We g et hit by it and lose the sky and
our birds. With an enormous speed we fall into the hug of the ocean. It’s d eep, it’s wise, and it
accepts our broken wings : ocean takes the feather and gives us flippe rs. Again we are healed
by nature , and we are free. Like a child that has just l earnt to walk, with a boundless curiosity
we dive into the depth of the saver. Fish of all colors surround us like watercolor drops . We go
deeper into the darkness where , instead of fish and corals, trash and other toxins welcome us.
Then … A crucial force enables our free b odies with a large net and we cannot f ight back. The
diver’s trap ta kes us to the boat. One, two, three: “Do you feel the cold breathing of death on
you face?” It’s time to come back. In our way , we see destroyed forests with their sad
remainders ; we go through the toxic smog of the factories and plunge into the rotten
mountain-like piles of garbage.
Yes, we have learn t a lot from nature. We have learnt how to fly like a bird and dive like a
fish; u se the hea t of the sun and power of the wind; get medicine from plants and trees and
heat from natural oils. But the more we learnt from nature, the more we destructed it, and
further we pushed ourselves from nature . Before acquiring and imitating physical magic of
nature, people should have learnt its basic principles of existence.
Take my hand; we are going to our next journey. You have transformed into a small,
helpless drop of water. Yo ur father is the cloud, and mother is the sun. And now , with all your
brothers and sisters you are raining on the Ea rth. Boom!!! And you fall on a beautiful leaf. You
have to wait until the leaf gives you the needed angle to fall . Patience… Human beings need to
learn to be patient. The lesson of patience will build the base of peace: no hate, no aggression

and of course, no bloody wars. After waiting enough you fall from the green leaf i nto the
running river. Millions of other drops , just like you , are in that river. First , you get surprised ,
and then you smile. From nature we need to learn and fully understand that we all are a small,
unnoticeable part of something big ger. But without those small parts, the big will not exist at
all. For us, it is very hard to think that Earth does not spin around us . But only after learning
this significant lesson, we will find har mony within ourselves and come to our roots: to Mother
Nature. You final ly, find your place as a drop. But your life again is going to be changed by one
warm ray that will take you out of the river and throw back to the sky. “I am dead,” you ‘ll
think. But exact ly at that point, the endless cy cle of you being a rain drop will begin.
For us , there is no end. We know that there is a timeless circle of life in nature. Trees,
animals, water, everything is timeless in natur e. And the most important thing that the human
being should learn is that we are nature . Like a drop, we are endless and timeless. We are
always alive and part of something more important and perfect than just a simple human life.
After this lesson, everything becomes simple and clear.