2.Founders and history
2.1. Tesla founders
Tesla was founded by 3 basic inventors,who could see the long run and importance of electronic vehicles.

1-Martin Eberhard,first co-founder of Tesla company,was born in California state of U.S. he graduated University of Illinois,faculty of computer engineering and masters degree in electrical engineering.

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2-Marc Tarpening is from California,in 1985 he studied at University of California in computer science faculty. After the graduation,Tarpening worked in Saudi Arabia for the conglomerate Textron.Then he worked for numerous companies as a software and firmware products developer.In 1997,two technic engineers Eberhard and Tarpening teamed up due to the foundation of NuveMedia which produced the Rocked eBook. Until 2000,when NuvoMedia was sold to Gemstar-TV Guide International for an advertising manoeuvres of financial staff for $187 million, Eberhard was CEO of this collaborative company.As a result of instigation of electric sport car of Tesla Motors they again coorporated together in 2003.Naturally,new invented company was in need of capital,that’s why variety of sources were provided it ,yet the basic investment supplied by Elon Musk-almost $30 million and became chairman of Tesla.(Britanicca.com)
3-Elon Reeve Musk was born in 1971,June 28 in Pretoria,south Africa. He was known as South African-born American entrepreneur and businessman for the whole world. At the present time Musk is a co-founder,CEO and product architect in Tesla Motors. Till the achievement of this position he faced a lot of obstacles. In 1989, he took Canadian citizenship just for becoming American citizen as easy as possible and finally, in 2002 he reached his goal with gaining U.S citizenship.He studied at the University of Pennsylania,Stanford University , Queen’s University,Ontario.Yet, he left Stanford University after two days to take advantage of the internet boom,namely,rapid growth of e-business . In 1999,before being CEO for Tesla corporation he founded X.com which leter became PeyPal and SpaceX in 2002.At the same time he became billioner with the sale of PayPal,SpaceX which worth to $20 billion. In his late 20’s by solding his Zip2-start up company. Musk has never stopped creating innovative ideas in reality,for instance,in August 2013, he found “Hyperloop” , new form of transportation.It would reach more than 700mph via special tubes from city to city,powered by renewable energy.This perspective innovation could take approximately 7 or 10 years to be ready to use.Furthermore,Musk is CEO of Neuralink which could connect the human brain to computers, and space X mission of self-sustainable city in Mars. In 2016 Musk purchased SolarCity and semented his standing as a leader of industry by taking an advisory role in early days of president Trump’s administration. His quote,”I am very pro-environmental,but lets figure out how to do it better and not jump through a dozen hoops to achive what is obvious in the first place”-Elon Musk.Musk responds to development ,engineering and design of all kinds of products of Tesla,electric automobiles, and other energy consuming products like solar batteries and roofs . According to Forbes his net worth was $20.3 billion in 2017.(The Biography.com,2014)
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2.2.History of Tesla
In 2003,one of the most famous American electric-automobile producer-Tesla Motors was founded by two friends,Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpening.Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpening were the first launchers of future automobiles,they could see the necessity and successfully long run of electro-cars which have affirmative effect for both environment and security.Actually,they came to decision that gasoline or carbonated vehicles would not be utilized any more as an invalid tool of history.These two inventor-friends decided to put one of the well-known engineer Nicola Tesla’s name for their corporation,and took different staffs of the company ,Eberhard was(CEO),Tarpening was (CFO) of the Tesla at the beginning of the foundation. Initially, Tesla was established for producing electro-sport cars’ evoluation and for that particular process, it required enough financial support as a form of important source.In the beginning of 2004 Elon Musk joined Tesla corporation by investing a large amount of his finance almost more than $30 million for interprise of Tesla.(Britannica.com)
In 2006’s years Tesla began to demonstrate environmentally friendly,fast,fuel cost saving,secured,cosy and affordable proyotypes.At first, prototype was Tesla Roadster announced which could reach almost 245 miles(394km)on a single charge in company’s experiment. Further tests showed that developed version of sport car which could accelerate 96km/h les than 4 seconds reaching ,top speed of 125mph(200km/h)(Britanicca.com)
Eberhard remained as a CEO and president of technology of the company in the late 2007’s.He also served to the advisory board of company.Nevertheless,in 2008,prorogued his stock in the company and left out as a result of financial crisis of Tesla.According to LA Times,24 percent of staffs had to be cut,Martin Eberhard was one of the stuff.He complained and accused Elon Musk for being pushed from the company.It was almost 2 year disposal lawsuit between Eberhard and Musk, until 2009 the issue was not disclosed.(Business insider.com)
After the ennouncement of of Eberhard’s retirement in 2008,Musk served as a CEO. In 2012 Tesla was focused on manufacturing new model,Model S sedan which can be charged by 3 different battery options,top speed 130mph(209km),it has also facility of improved handling.As a result of increasing number of electro-cars of Tesla company began to establish its first “Superchargers” station in the U.S and Europe,especially without extra cost from Tesla owners.After that,other model of station were developed with the name of “Tesla Station” with complete replacement of the Model S battery pack.In 2015,Model X which is known as “crossover” at the first time of invention.According to design,facilities and cosyness this car was one of the outstanding on its time ,with 7 seats inside,it could run up to 295 miles(475km) in a full battery charge,it has 5 star safety.For the special design of luxury,ModelX is considered one of the most costy in automobile industry .Due to the demand for reasonable cars,Model3 has been discovered in 2017 with $35.000. The most essential advantage of Model3 is a great safety ever made-metal structure and complete which has made with the combination of aluminum and steel,experimented with the crush test and succeed.Top speed is also not bad,155mph with dual motor , provided with enhanced autopilot and seating for 5 adults.in November 2017,Tesla Semi was exhibited as a safest ecofriendly truck ever,it saves owners at least $200.000 and also has privilege of two-year pay back period. (Tesla.com)