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Paper Submission and Registration Form for ICST 2017

Please submit your paper in pdf format. However, the final corrected submission should be in MSWords 97-2003 format with doc extension.

By submitting your full paper to ICST2017, you agree to transfer copyright of your paper to the Transactions on Science and Technology. Full description of the terms of the copyright transfer can be found here.

By submitting your paper, you also confirm that the work is original and has not been published elsewhere nor is it currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.

All accepted papers will be published in the Transactions on Science and Technology. Transactions on Science and Technology, the leading journal in multidisciplinary research, is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes original article, technical note, review, special issue and symposium article resulting from original research in all area of science and technology. The journal is an open access journal which is accessible throughout the world. Despite its young age, the journal has been cited and referred many time by researchers around the world and it has impact factor of 0.3 in 2016 according to Google Scholar's record. The journal has been submitted to SCOPUS for inclusion.

Some organizations disallow sharing classified data in the journal and therefore, the related participants can only submit abstract for presentation. If this is the case or for any other reason that you prefer to submit only an abstract for your presentation, you may do so by uploading your abstract instead of full paper with remarks that your participation is with "Abstract only submission".


Step-by-step Instructions.

1. Prepare your paper according to "Guidelines for Authors".
2. Choose the related Structured Session for your paper below. If your paper does not fall in any of them, select "Paper Submission for Non-Structured Session".
3. Fill in the registration form, upload your paper and submit (click the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom of the online submission form).
4. You will receive submission notification when your paper was submitted to the respective Session Chair and/or the General chair.
5. Your paper will be reviewed by the appointed expert in the field. Generally, it will take 2-4 weeks to get the reviewer feedback.
6. The review report will be sent to you probably with acceptance letter and registration fees payment instruction. Otherwise, you will receive review report with instruction for correction and resubmission. If this is the case, you will resubmit after correction where it will again be sent to the appointed reviewer until they see your paper fit for presentation in the congress and publication in the journal. At this point, acceptance letter together with the registration fees payment instruction will be sent to you.
7. Email the scaned image of payment receipt to the organizer together with your full paper in MSWords 97-2003 format in doc extension for paper publication.
8. Student must upload a proof of their current student status in English.
Online Paper Submission and Registration Form
Select your submission and registration below.

1. Paper submission for Non-Structured Session here.
2. Submission for session on "SS1 - Sustainable Oil Palm Research and Management" here.
3. Submission for session on "SS2 - Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology" here.
4. Submission for session on "SS3 - Forest Sustainability and Functions" here
5. Submission for session on "SS4 - Sensors, Transducers and Biomaterials" here.
6. Submission for session on "SS5 - Materials and Radiation Physics" here.
7. Submission for session on "SS6 - Climate Change and Meteorology" here.
8. Submission for session on "SS7 - Fractal Geometry and Dynamics" here.
9. Submission for session on "SS8 - Analytical Sciences" here.
10. Submission for session on "SS9 - Advance Polymer" here.
11. Submission for session on "SS10 - Frontiers in Biophysics" here.
12. Submission for session on "SS11 - Role of Natural Products in Cancer Therapy" here.

Participant Only Registration Form
If you wish to participate only and not to present any paper, please register below.
"Participant Only Registration Form"


Submission for paper that does not falls under any Structured Session should be submitted to Non-Structured Session.