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About ICST 2017

The world is facing many growing problems and we are racing against time to find their solutions. Finding these solutions by oneself might be fun and fruitful. However, with the world’s increasing demand for new technology, sometimes it get extremely hard for individual scientists to contribute significantly when working on their own due to many constrains in experience, expertise, instrumentations, funding, et cetera. Therefore, there is a need in promoting systematic collaboration for rapid advancement in research, development and innovation in science and technology, and also commercialization between multidisciplinary scientists, engineers, industrial practitioners as well as public as a whole. Such ambition requires collective efforts and participation from all the stakeholders. With this aims in mind, United Scientists and Engineers International or UniSE International is taking the initiative to organize the International Congress on Science and Technology 2017 or ICST 2017 to further promote effective linkages among scientists, engineers, industrial practitioners and public in general in the cross-disciplinary of science and technology. As an outcome, the congress is expected to help in further expedite the progress in science and technology, and their applications, by promoting global collaboration and mentoring, and also commercialization of their research and technological products.

The scope of the congress is wide. Participants will have their best chances to pick up their topic of interest and will have excellent opportunity to look into the up-to-date developments in their fields as well as all other fields. The congress is the best venue and platform for meeting and exchanging ideas where participants will be able to assess their current research and can synergistically level with their peers. You will get some good ideas for further developing your future research topic based on the presentation from the experts and peers as well as from neighbouring areas. For those who looking for immediate research collaborators or mentor for the young researchers, the congress is designed for your benefit where the experts and the young researchers are provided with best venue and environment that conducive and effective for successful discussion on their further engagement.

The congress is supported by the Transactions on Science and Technology journal, the leading journal in multidisciplinary research.