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Aims and Scope of the Transactions on Science and Technology
Transactions on Science and Technology, the leading journal in multidisciplinary research, is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes original article, technical note, review, special issue and symposium article resulting from original research in all area of science and technology. Research areas include traditional subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, as well as Mathematics and Statistics, and Information and Communication Technology are accepted. Papers relating directly or indirectly to all aspect of these fields: applied, theoretical or experimental including Earth, Environmental and Health are welcomed. The journal is committed to the advancement of scholarly knowledge and research fndings in science and technology.

In addition, we welcome well-described piece of information, such as:
- Data and/or a plot with detail description
- Discussion of a new method or new instrumentation
- Negative results with critical argument
- Concept or design study that well discussed
- New addition
- New report

Indexing of the Transactions on Science and Technology